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"I am a bush regeneration contractor on the mid north coast NSW. I have been using Mosi Guard for many years and have referred countless people on to it. My work takes me into some of the most mossie / tick and leech infested swamps and your product is the only one I have tried that will keep the blighters away for hours! So congrats on a great product."

Ando Morison

"I'm having my worst ever reaction to midge bite this year, and that includes the time I lived in Cairns for 14 years near a tidal creek. Its driving me crazy.
Your product is the best by far for prevention and treatment - without the rotten side effects of DEET based products (dried up, itchy skin, vile smell and headaches)."

Dr Karen

I am a GP in WA. We went to South America two years ago and decided to try Mosi Guard. Well i was so impressed. Pleasant to wear, the most effective repellent I have ever used.
We had other tourists with all the usual repellants asking us for some and finding it so effective. I hope you never take it off the market. Great product.

Yours sincerely,
DR Philip Snowball  MBBS, MRCP

I am the Director of a preschool in Sydney where we foster a love of nature and children engaging in outdoor play. But sometimes outdoor play involves mosquitoes! A few years ago I searched the internet to find a natural product that we would be able to apply to children's skin on a daily basis that actually repelled mosquitoes. I found Mosi-guard! Mosi-guard allows our children to play bite free anywhere in our outdoor environment. For children who have in the past experienced allergic reactions to mosquito bites it has been a lifesaver! A number of parents now take a bottle of Mosi-guard home with them after approaching us to find out what we use. From our experience, i could not recommend Mosi-guard more highly to anyone who wants an effective repellent minus the chemicals !

Pam Lawton
St. George's Preschool Eastwood. NSW.

I am a mum of two children and we have a lot of march flies this time of year (Far Nth Qld). This makes it very difficult to be outside with children. I tried Mosiguard and can safely say it worked very well! After applying to them we can be outside without the fear of being attacked! It has a pleasant smell as well which is great. No chemicals is a big tick. I will be recommending this product to all of my friends/family & work colleagues.
Thank you.

Mission Beach.

I live on a tidal creek near mangroves (in Sydney) and last summer I was tortured by midge bites. This summer I took prevention seriously and started using Mosiguard in early November. I've only had one midge experience since, and that's because I forgot to apply Mosiguard. It works really well. And it smells and feels SO much better than the usual horrible DEET products. I highly recommend this product.


"Its the only natural product I have ever used that works and works well enough for tropical areas. I found it years ago in a natural store and I have used it ever since. I travel a lot so purchasing from mosi-guard website is the best way for me to get my hands on it. I'll never use anything else."

Mark Kott from [1] / Australian Travelling Musician.

Hi, We used mosiguard on our trip to Africa in 2013 and it was fabulous. The other people on our tour ended up using it as the ones they were using were ineffective. We have been using it ever since and recommend it to all our friends.

Judy Freney

To Whom this may concern

My name is Sally and I bought your Mosiguard from Camping World in Coffs Harbour NSW and WOW it is fantastic  my youngest daughter who is 5 yrs old gets bitten by mosquitoes and must be allergic to them as she comes up in massive welts.
I have to put it on her for School everyday and as a parent I feel much better putting a natural product on her so a huge thumbs up for a fantastic product that works.

Sally Ludzik


I want to first tell you how grateful I am to you and thank you for making and selling Mosiguard.

I have lived in, and amongst mangrove eco systems for most of my life.For most of that period I had relied upon DEET as the only effective mozzies repellent. With mixed results against sandflys. Unfortuntely I had become sensitised to the DEET and couldn't use it anymore as it gave me migraines and hallucinations (apparently as it turns out it is one of the well known side effects of the DEET) and other negative health impacts.
I was lucky enough to come across your product in a local fishing and camping store and since then I have not had to look back. I can tell you with absolute confidence Mosiguard not only repels mozzies, it is the only repellent I have used that works against sandflys where nothing else has.

Steven Cat

My partner and i recently travelled to South America and spend a lot of time in the Bolivian jungles and also Mexican Jungles. We were adamant to use a natural alternative to repelling mosquitos, ticks and all the other creepy crawlies in the jungle so we tried Mosi-Guard. We were utterly surprised at how well it worked. The hundreds of mosquitos that continually surrounded us, didnít dare go near our skin, same as the ticks. It works so powerfully, smells so fresh and i would like to thank you for such an impressive product. We met many other travellers who had skin conditions and even burns from using DEET, and i am so glad i found Mosi-Guard. Thank You! I would like to leave this testimony and please feel free to use it on any website!

Kind Regards,
Melody and Brad

It remains my favourite insect repellent and has travelled to many places with me, and has protected my daughter after two bouts of dengue fever when work has found her living in various mozzie heaven sites around the world

Marg Whelan

I bought a roll on before we left and used it over in Bali on our 9 year old son.He has had some terrible reactions to mosquito repellents before so I was hesitant on using this on his skin but it was fabulous. I just didn't use it around the face area but he had not one bite our whole time away. I am glad I did my research into a more efficient but kinder to the skin repellent and found yours.

Sincerely Sue

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